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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Pomp and panic

Today I pulled my 18 year old high school senior out of school early (after he completed the last of his final exams) to give him an opportunity to start finalizing arrangements for his forthcoming college enrollment. In the intervening hours between lunchtime and now, he has scheduled his orientation (TWO days worth of!) and has reconsidered trying to room with a friend from high school and Boy Scouts.

I'm dizzy just trying to keep up with it all and I know it's all going to work out fine, but right now I'm too tired & worn out with preparations for the "big" day next weekend to do anything to help him out! (Not like there's much I CAN do to help...)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Me again!

Been very busy working, being the mother of four including an imminent high school graduate and Eagle Scout, and running amok with Easter and other events including my parents' 48th wedding anniversary. I'm also happy to note that I've been in e-mail contact with a gentleman who sang at our wedding nearly 20 years ago for the first time in, well, about forever!

My job duties remain the same, but the cast of characters I'm working with has altered a good bit in the past month or so. Two of the five oldest teens I served have now left my purview, and the other three will gradually do so over the next 2 1/2 years. Now the youngest child I work with is only 8, and the older ones who've left have been replaced by a ten year old, an eleven year old, and a twelve year old.

Off to a sorority meeting for the evening!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Here comes Easter

Today should be fun. I get to help chaperone about 20 first graders on an Easter egg hunt and kite-flying excursion at a local park. My 7 year old is among them, and as if today won't be fun enough for her, we also have a hair appointment this afternoon and her birthday party tomorrow.

I'm going to be exhausted by the time Easter dawns. My brood (including hubby) is on spring break effective today or tomorrow (he has to work tomorrow; after school today the kids are off) through the Monday after Easter. So that means I'll either have half as much or triple the amount of cleaning to do in preparation for company on Easter, depending upon which chores hubby decides to corral the kids into doing while I'm stuck at the office next week!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

CS Lewis and late suppers

Been participating in a Wednesday night study at our parish (the local Episcopal church). Wednesday night church attendance is pretty much a standard in Dixie, especially among the Baptists and other more Protestant denominations who gather for about an hour and a half each week beginning at 7:00 p.m. My parish tends to limit it to Lent and October-November working into Advent. Normally I'm not a big mid-week church fan, because of my already overbooked schedule between my day job and my four children, but when the subject matter really piques my interest, I tend to have at it eagerly.

The subject this time was a book called, "Into the Shadowlands," which is a study of the works of C.S. Lewis, the Ulster-born (for Americans, Ulster is the British generic name for Northern Ireland) Anglican apologist who died the same day as President Kennedy's assassination. (Most people don't know that; I didn't until I took this course, and the main reason I remembered is it also happens to have been my husband's second birthday!) Now, for someone like me who never read any of the Chronicles of Narnia, nor The Screwtape Letters and only barely scratched the surface of Mere Christianity while taking a course in my own religion during my college days in Connecticut (and got far more out of it when we did it as a Sunday school course two years ago during Lent), it was very enlightening. It's been enough of an exposure to Lewis's tomes that I now find myself not only wanting to read more of his works, but I'm eagerly setting a personal goal to re-read Dante's Divine Comedy before my eldest graduates from high school at the end of May!

Almost neglected the "late supper" portion of this entry. Well, here I am finishing up my entry at 10:00 p.m., only about a half hour after finishing eating said late supper--lovingly prepared by my 18 year old son. We didn't end up arriving home until about 8:45 p.m., so the 7 year old and 10 year old daughters were summarily forced into immediate showers while the 18 year old cooked shells and Alfredo sauce and the 16 year old prepared the table for the meal. Hubby works late on Wednesdays, so he rarely figures into these plans. ;)

More tomorrow, when I've not had copious amounts of wine to wash down my pasta Alfredo... :D Ciao!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mama's Musings

Monday evening and I have now made it through both my work day and a Girl Scout meeting during which I reviewed requirements for badges & other awards with two girls other than my daughter. I anticipate reviewing a third girl's stuff next Monday, if she comes over to sleep over with the older daughter (the schools are out next week for spring break). My shoulder is far less achy than it was yesterday at this time, though I've not yet been able to contact my regular doctor for such injuries and hope by the time he IS available, I'll be recovered. ;) (Nothing like saving money if I can!)

Tomorrow my youngest turns 7. This is the longest I've gone since getting married without having another smaller one in the house, and I must admit it's heavenly to have that "gravid guppy" feeling of pregnancy behind me permanently. The oldest one came home with his cap & gown for graduation today, which hit me a little harder than I expected. This whole "fledgling" thing is really becoming real and I have mixed feelings about it! I know, he's 18 and I'm ready for him to go off to college...but am I really ready for him to be three hours away all the time instead of across the house?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Gimpy "finned"

I feel like Nemo today. (The fish, not Captain Nemo--thought the orange font would clarify that!) I spent 12 hrs in the woods yesterday with my Girl Scout troop and both of my daughters, erecting tents, making a box oven, walking in the woods, and singing around the campfire. My left shoulder blade, which has been nagging me as if I slept on it wrong for over a month now, felt progressively worse throughout the day and ached unmercifully by the time I loaded four girls into my van to return them home around 9:00 p.m. I feel like it'll explode whenever I shift in my seat, sneeze, cough, or get up/sit down! Neither Ibuprofen nor Anaprox even remotely address the pain, and Icy Hot, while helpful at first, really isn't doing much either (except to lull me into a false sense of "at least now I can move--a little!"). Reaching my toes is absolutely impossible, even when bent at the waist, so forget tying or untying shoes.

A friend who was a medical corpsman while in the Navy was visiting with hubby and the boys when the girls and I finally got home and assessed it, pronouncing that there was some edema (swelling) and that I really ought to see a doctor. Then she asked a natural question: "How'd you do this to yourself?"

Beats me! :( And that's not good, for the physician will ALSO ask! Looking back, I think what happened sometime in late January or early February was that I worked out on one of those pull down machines for exercising one's shoulders, and I suspect I may have lifted a heavier weight than I should have. Reasonably, the YMCA weight room and I aren't on speaking terms at the moment. ;) (Though admittedly, we ought to be--and a personal trainer who could guide a 40-something ex-gymnast might not be a bad idea!)

One of these days I'll have something more like my pre-childbirth figure back. But it'll take me going on hikes and campouts with the family and the Scouts to make it happen if it's ever meant to.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Back after an absence

I've been busy with the children, work, the children, hubby, the children... (Did I mention the children? LOL)
1) My eldest has earned his Eagle Scout rank, but not officially been told that by the national organization yet, so we can't yet schedule the award presentation. Plus there's all the paperwork to be turned in for his financial aid awards for college in the fall, the prom on 4/22 and a tux to be rented, plus his high school graduation Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.
2) This Saturday I will (in my capacity as assistant troop leader for the older daughter's Girl Scout troop) spend a 12 hour day in the woods mastering such skills as tent raising, cooking in a box oven, and savoring s'mores (that last I can do effortlessly!).
3) Tuesday is the youngest daughter's 7th birthday, so I'll be baking PURPLE (her request) cupcakes for her class & another cake for her party on April 8th.
4) Meanwhile, the younger son is considering dumping swimming as a competitive activity a year before he *has to* bail due to age & his departure for college. He's now wanting to concentrate on his music more than the splashing around, to the extent that, while he plans to major in Education, he's unsure if he'll be a P.E. or Music Ed major. (Not to mention the aforementioned prom on 4/22--our local high school is kind enough to do a joint junior-senior prom!)

Hubby has been busily keeping our cars and lawn mower running (in sunny Dixie, not only have we had "yellow snow" in the form of pollen on the breeze--and everything under it!--but we've cut the grass a time or two though March isn't over yet!), plus running amok with the Boy Scout troop for which he is the Scoutmaster (NOT our son's troop--the one at the boarding school where he teaches). And my caseload at work's been somewhat topsy turvy in that I've closed out one child, expect to close a second next week, and have a third whose case will close by Memorial Day, so I've got a few new ones I'm just getting to know. Mercifully, my farthest-afield work-related youngsters are now two hours away from my office, rather than my former monthly hauls of three hours or more to see several. And to ice this rather messy umpteen-layer cake, Easter is less than two weeks away and we have yet to confirm who (if anyone!) is coming for dinner that day (we usually cook for the six of us plus our respective extended family members living within a few hours of us--his mother & stepfather, my parents, my sister & her fiance).

More when I've returned from the Girl Scout all-day outing!